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for the 2 books challenged. the rhythm of the markets. the momentum of the working world. your business magazine made in germany 30 minutes on t w. international auto show for journalists to discuss the topic. coming up on quadriga hong kong protesters want china to respect the rule of law and the city's semi autonomous status but will beijing give them gov freedom their dramatic talk about that coming up on corporate. quadriga
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90 minutes on d w. 6 planet burgling the global tourist guide function is booming capital i love berlin the scope of the multicultural metropolis in our duramax series the battle plan in place like stories seem to me and i love the even less sure what's in a certain looks like a tough choice like me inside says the 50 nations 50 story. and 50 very personal tips on berlin's very best features the 1st. book no limit for lent every week on d.w. . read the real parallel decides. i come from the north of people in fact nothing appeared in it if it was not just democracy to me that's one reason why i'm passionate about. aspirations comic and.
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the television the book is fried chicken but after the fall of the sun in one i remember thinking at the time if the battle in bull going forward anything can happen if people come together and unite for a while. but i do the news that often confronts difficult situations for conflicts pain does themselves i see despite my job to confront floods t.d.'s on policies and development to put the spotlight on issues that matter most to congress to security push a national. i'm not against can achieve that so much more needs to be john and i think people have to be at the concert solutions my name is on the chief and.
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british prime minister boris johnson has been told by french president emmanuel. that the brics it backstop is indispensable to any deal between the e.u. and the u.k. regulating britain's exit from the block. but johnson says there will be no deal unless the backstop the insurance policy to prevent a hard border with the republic of ireland is removed from the deal. brazil's president jacques bosso nardo 1st retracted then repeated his accusation that the blaze is sweeping the amazon was started by environmental organizations he acknowledged it a firestorm of criticism after blaming non-governmental organizations for the fires j. about sonata did not support his claims with proof he made the statement as new figures showed that there had been a record number of fires there this year. the french seaside resort of b.s. hits is gearing up for the arrival of world leaders with more than 13000 police deployed as well as military personnel antro 7 heads of state from the world's
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wealthiest countries the g 7 nations will spend 2 days tackling hot button issues including trade disputes climate change and iran. a syrian migrant accused of fatally stabbing a man in the eastern german city of chemists last year has been found guilty and sentenced to almost 10 years in prison the killings sparked a wave of anti immigrant protests and riots. 3 teams take the united states fiscal shortfall to one to trunk terrorists and tax cuts are set to widen the budget deficit to one trillion dollars in the next school year. stop but so is security in the french resort town of barrett's most of the upcoming g. 7 summit residents and business owners are worried the lockdown hurt the local
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economy. and u.s. travel restrictions take a slice out of cuba's tourism sector. this is the doubling of business i'm john elder my lautenberg. lin welcome the u.s. budget deficit is expected to balloon to more than a trillion dollars in the next fiscal year the nonpartisan congressional budget office warns that federal debt is on an unsustainable course it says the budget deal signed into law earlier this month would increase deficits by $1.00 trillion dollars over the next decade the cvo is also projecting slower growth in the coming years means lawmakers will have to increase taxes cut spending or do both to put the brakes on spiraling debt our financial correspondent yens carter joins us from new york what does the deficit mean for the economy going forward
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well especially if you look at the future if the u.s. economy should get into a recession or we see growth slowing quite a bit so what can washington do cutting more texas for example that would even balloon the deficit higher and we've seen it when us president to donald trump took office early 2017 we saw this a mess of tax cuts and if you get less when then on the other side you get a greater deficit and this deficit would be even bigger problem if the yield so if interest rates wouldn't be pretty low because otherwise this that would be even more expensive now u.s. central bankers are also meeting in jackson hole with the state of course of the u.s. economy top of the agenda what have you heard out of it so far. well
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fight or go home that's what u.s. president to donald trump treated to and he's trying to put pressure on the federal reserve to keep cutting interest rates we sold the 1st bear federal reserve bankers arriving in jackson hole wyoming and we've gotten some interviews and some hints that at least some of those. members are not too excited about cutting interest rates further at this point overall the u.s. economy is still on a pretty solid path so the main act clearly will be on friday when. the fed chair will take the stage where we will see if you will give any hints how likely it is to see further rate cuts but i'm not really certain that we will get that much out of the jackson hole meeting by the end of the day it's also not just a general policy decision what's going to happen with interest rates in committee
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but clearly this is the main act now on friday when it takes the stage donald trump recommending fight or flight for u.s. central bankers in jackson hole that was hands carter thank you very much. see sun sand and surf as holiday destinations go the southwestern french city of berets pretty much has it all but this weekend it's playing host to the g 7 meeting while that might move the political contests it certainly isn't doing much for business in the city. normally at this time of year pierrots as beaches would be full of tourists looking to catch some waves or raise instead it's hosting some of the world's most powerful political leaders in town for the g. 7 summit. ahead of the start of the event on friday the city is in lockdown the airport and man transportation will be closed to the public was certain parts of the city including the beach are only open to residents that have permits.
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according to the local mayor though there is no major problem. but the books and he said 1st of all i would say and barrett's everyone knows that starting august 20th we see a decrease in the number of tourists we're not at the peak holiday season of august member of the but local business people are not impressed by the disruption joining what should be one of their busiest weekends. to produce 1st of all we have to say that for 3 days now we've seen a decrease in revenue and it's not the last week of the holiday season but the 2nd to last week that might been running this stand during the holiday season for 15 years now and berets and this is usually my best week since my may have simmons or . it's stupid simply put just to put i think it's ridiculous the should have organized it in the middle of winter but it still would have had
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a positive impact for businesses that usually don't do as well jordan winter. the reason for all the security is to thwart protesters to come out in force for such high profile political gatherings but with such a massive security operation in place it's likely that the only people protesting will be those whose business has been hit. overfishing is reducing fish stocks around the world and africa has been particularly badly affected and going to the situation is becoming serious over 2 and a half 1000000 fish and the well being of the industry is critical to livelihoods in the west african country. every morning uncle a young son goes out to see full of hope he has been. a fisherman for over 12 years it was his own uncle who taught him when he was a boy. now yanks in a showing his own sons the ropes of fishing is getting more difficult here. and
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that's why we start our day by asking god to help us to catch some fish or there was i don't know what we will eat at home but i want to this is the only thing i can do to look after my wife and my kids. and if you find. i. song as well this prayer is used to try and coax some fish into the nets for a long time the good man calls to his home to one of africa's most fish rich bodies of water put in the last 50 years fish stocks have dropped by half and today it's the same old story for uncle arthur yanks and his prayers for full nets have not been answered. at the fish market in the town of elmina some fishermen have done a bit better it seems but the fact remains that the ocean here is being heavily overfished and the marine ecosystem is in danger earlier this year the government
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took action. as symbolically close to the sea. in the name of the father and of the sand and of the horn is spirit. last spring beginning in ministry of fisheries decided to impose a fishing ban on the country's coastal region. busy its plan to reduce the fish in their faults. as they in the year and also so show that. at this time it's expected that that my charity or fish will be spawning. it is the time for them to spawn. these are hard times for ghana's fishermen. this fishing ban will not be the last but it may well help secure a future livelihood not just for own color. but for the millions of going to hands
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who depend on fishing. or plans to revamp truck plants owned by its chinese a joint venture partner photon to build mercedes-benz branded heavy trucks in china under the plant photo and will reportedly adversities bands branded actually as heavy trucks to its production lines savings bonds truck beds trucks currently sold in china are imported the truck market in china is holding up well despite the climbing auto sales this is because of growth in e-commerce and improved logistics infrastructure us months photons parent beijing auto parts a 5 percent stake in dialer. cuban cigars a stroll on havana's famous malecon while classic cars drive by any americans have enjoyed their trips to cuba over the past 2 years after travel sanctions for the communist country were loosened under the obama administration today the situation is quite different. tourism was supposed to be
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a growth industry in cuba but ever since u.s. president trump has banned american cruise ships from cuba and tighten to restrict u.s. citizens to travel there for a short boom to the island nation is over tourist arrivals are down 23 percent for the month of july following a 20 percent drop for the month of june trump's fight against the government in havana has people suffering. or are we're talking about a stratospheric drop the united states government is intentionally seeking to do harm to the cuban government but what they are actually doing is harm us the workers those of us who work for ourselves but have an agreement with a government that has been a catastrophe since june. among the 1st victims of the trend restaurants where the number of guests has plunged. them i look to the side i'm off
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a cruise ships really had an impact during the low season because when we were in our low season and there were cruises you didn't really feel it because the americans really kept tourism afloat tourists from america will good tourists but well now they are not here and we still have to be working. his actions against cuba seem to be a political ploy for many in cuba there are a nexus tensional threat. and. that's it from me and the business team here in berlin for more business news then teachers. d.w. dot com slash business are follow us on social media i'm on thanks for watching.
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earth. or saving. genius tell stories of creative people and innovative projects around the world to. protect the climate and boost green energy solutions by global warming to be implemented series of global $3000.00. and on line.
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welcome to the what is the game here for ditto for flights to talk about some. coverage. 3 more. slowly have passed let's have a look at some of the legal so you don't want to miss this. you know that 77 percent. are younger than 60. that's me and me. and you know what it's time. the 77 percent you talk about before you should. do this is where. the 77 percent this week end on d. w. . the b. . this is news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes the foes who've become
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friends the presidents will do one thing and you got to have ended it just fears that damage trade between the countries you waited 70 and god they had accused each other of spying assassinations and meddling. and the efforts to heal divisions along religious lines in nigeria is a do next stage. hello i'm christine want to welcome to news africa it's good to have you along one day and uganda have signed a deal aimed at ending months of tensions the leaders agreed to respect each other's soften t. and refrain from these stabilising activities on each of the territories uganda as you waited was 70 and the one president polk of gummi signed via accord at talks in
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angola. with once because allies but relations have to be hostile the conflict between the 2 has led to border closure has severely destruction trade in the region one to have accused uganda off supporting the rebels uganda accuse randa of spying. let's get the view from both sides. on uganda he's in the capital kampala and for. africa good to see you both julius i think maybe start with you i mean we're talking about a border that's been closed since about february i'm just give us a sense of just how bad things have gotten on the ground and when that border will actually open. we know the progress has been signed it's been great for the people for the people in rwanda but this is great most especially for the cross border trade does and the people that survive in the business are. the people who might make some use and old but they're really
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look forward to this border being open any time soon otherwise it's been really tight for the business for 6 months you can imagine what that means to the trade does what that means to the trucks for plays and. really tight for the forward to seeing this really practically. right fred i'll come to you now i mean so you know we have the signing ceremony for the 2 need is almost touch hands but surely it doesn't mean that all the problems also. yeah definitely it means that it's a good step of course that these 2 leaders came together to disagree on something but i think what happened in rwanda was just like they are treating signs but they're not treating the real cause of the disease and i'm not sure if really they they spoke openly to each other i mean the president. of rwandan
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president yoweri museveni so i'm still skeptical about this peace agreement genius i'll come back see here i mean we're talking about trade having been hitting and yet you went on to illustrate people not having had business for 6 months i think people can sort of imagine that but could this have gone beyond the trade could the implications have gone beyond trade and and perhaps what would have that been like i think looking at what's been reported in the last 6 months yes someone can clearly argue that it could have been worse you could have been really was especially looking at the fact that there was a constraint of people could not move across borders from miranda and to uganda at least the ugandans could have had some freedom to move to round but no divine these coming to uganda how much of an impact that could be is way so much other than
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trade you could look at students studying in uganda you could look at the increasing tensions on each country treating us as actions against each other i think it could have been was but thank god it's finally the 2 leaders of common to to war and have had something that they've seen now we look forward to the practical implementation of their we'll so political will is very important in this but the could have been was right i mean for i'll come back see and you're going to finish this off for us i mean you talked about how skeptical you are of all of this and i wondered i mean we know that the hostility between these 2 men is probably still there what are the chances something like this can happen again. i think these 2 presidents i mean have president sure i'm 7 and president khatami what they need is actually to come together in one room 2 individuals they don't need an immediate and if they need a mediator they don't need. a president or the congo president to you know to to
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bring them together what they need is to speak to each other i do and then you know tackle their own issues because what is happening between rand on the uganda it's not the issues between. the conferees on the on the country every it's between these 2 guys i mean it's about the egos of 2 presidents and this cannot be just be solved by a media type it's just for them to put their national interest interests i had of their own interests i think that's what they need to do at this point of time gentlemen thank you just look i'm buying it and thankful for. africa desk. interreligious violence has been a fact of life in nigeria scotland a state for decades it's led to the deaths of as many as 20000 people there since 1800 much of the trouble has been confined to rural areas in the past but since a spike in violence about 20 years ago the christian and muslim communities in the
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state capital have become more and more segregated but not everyone is prepared to accept the divisions as they stand at some of the people watch trying to restore trust between different communities. the faithful have gathered for a service at christ angelical church in ca tuna. a special guest is a peace activist dramatically johnny the pastor welcomes her encouraging his congregation to reach out to all people across the religious and political divide. by his. very. own group of those heroes and this is hard. let's fight it but i don't. have to. the pastor and the activists know each other well they have traveled
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together throughout the state to hold peace dialogues and to offer support to people forced from their homes by conflict today a matter to johnny has come to support him she brought several bags of cement for his church which has been under construction for years. this is more the only church i come to there although. i use it it and i do the theme tune. great church and i remove him woman i believe in doing charity and my number of those who've gone through that journey studied peace and conflict resolution while she crosses between muslim and christian communities regularly the real success for her is when a lot of people also make that effort all right i was. the law. books down here to boston scholars to celebrity christmas. eve 5 reported back down by really see why you get so cute you're. such a show of unity is important and where for almost 20 years muslims and christians
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have been living in separate parts of town this project since the boundary between god in the north and to left out the north of predominantly muslim look at the map south of the government of christian the normal day its residents caused by their free the but in times of crisis the boundary is difficult to cross. the city hasn't always been like this but interreligious violence and other conflicts often fuelled by political rivalries have torn the community apart. for safety reasons to johnny keeps her work and private life separate before starting a peace initiative to janeen work in micro financing.


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